The Robotics Forum is established to unite all the students interested in robotics, so that they can come together to work for a common project or competitions to represent our college. So far, TRF undertakes the following competitions: ABU ROBOCON, E-Yantra, Mindspark, IIT-B Techfest etc. TRF encourages the students to work together, take part in such competitions, and bring honor to our college.

TRF is not a branch-oriented club, it is not necessary for you to belong to any of the above branches. In history of TRF has seen many core members even from chemical and industrial branches and have benefited from membership of TRF. Everyone in TRF acquires valuable knowledge over-time and work towards common goal.

Every year, TRF recruits new entrants, for both technical and administration team, though an interview process conducted usually in the month of April.

Being a member of TRF, you would be able to attend guest lectures from various industrialists and professors. Apart from these sessions, you could earn a chance of being a team member of any of the robotics competitions or being a member of the TRF Research and Development.

No, it has been observed over the past years that TRF members dominate the crowd of academic toppers. Therefore, this solely depends on how you plan your timetable and balance between your work and academics.

TRF believes in improvement & project based intelligence, it is observed that project centric learning can improve the overall curiosity & academic interests.

By getting experience of multi-domain knowledge, within the environment, it will help to select the domain of interest for further studies.

  • Addition of valuable team projects in multiple domains
  • Certified Courses by TRF
  • Exposure and experience of the software used in industry
  • Certification for Technical Instruction & Organization (TRF Organization Committee only)

Yes, you can but it is strongly recommended that you dedicate on one project or competitions at a time and perform to your fullest to bring glory for our college.

No, if you participate in any robotics competitions through TRF, all the hardware will be provided through TRF.

If you are Tech enthusiast/ have good managing skills/ website designer you are welcomed for being part of the biggest and most sponsored club of our college: TRF. For participation in any of the competitions, you need to earn a chance by proving yourself through interviews and tasks allocated by TRF.

(If you have any further questions, please contact us)